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Stuck? Can't figure out how to order?

Here are four easy steps!

Step One:

To put an item in your shopping cart, select what you’d like from either the photos on the main page from the menu at the very top of the scree, select "SINGLE LIBRES"

For our Wholesale customers -You'll see a "wholesale catalogue" link in the sidebar. That will take you directly to all the wholesale products.You must be logged in to access that.


Step Two:

Under the product you wish to buy, click ADD TO CART. This will add ONE item to your shopping cart.

If you want to see more details about the product, click the DETAILS button, or on NAME OF THE PRODUCT.

On the DETAILS pages, and on the CHECKOUT page, you have the option to add or remove multiples of the same product.


For our Wholesale customers -
REMEMBER… When selecting a case, One (1) represents one (1) case of twenty (20) (or twelve, or forty, as the "case" may be :D).


Step Three:

You will now see your item(s) in your cart. Your cart is displayed in the sidebar (right hand side). To check out click the "shopping cart" link.

If you want to go back and add more product click on “keep shopping” or correct any issues by “emptying cart”.

OR… If you’re all good, you can now click “checkout”


Step Four:

If you've purchased from  us before, and are logged into your account, your "bill to" and "ship to" information should automagically be filled out.

If this is your first purchase, you will need to complete all the billing information. If your shipping information is the same, just click the "same as billing" checkbox at the top of that section.

During this process, you may choose to create an account - you have the option to use your Google, Twitter or Facebook logins for this, OR create one independently.

Once in the Checkout, you can double check your order, adjust your “ship to” if need be and now process your order by selecting payment option. Once everything is input and you’ve reviewed your information you then click on “submit my order”

For our Wholesale Customers - you must be logged in to access the wholesale catalogue and place an order, so you should see all your information already completed. If there are details missing, or you need to update them, you can do so by clicking "my account" at the very top of any page.



One last thing, remember to “Print my Receipt”.

This is your receipt and invoice so make sure you have a copy of it. If you forget to print a copy you can always log back in, click on “My Account” and your entire order history will come up. You can open any previous order and can print at that time.



If you have any questions or require assistance with the new ordering system, please contact us at info@libretea.com


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